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2017-01-23 0 comments Web projects

Social Machinery Film Festival announces the Award Winners
of the Edition 2016.

Award Winner's List

Best Social Innovation Award - Gobernanza  (Puerto Rico)

Best Storyboard Award - The Barrier  (United States)

Best Doc Award - Fading  (Germany)

Best Animation Award (Stop Motion) - Sval & Bard  (Norway)

Best Animation Award (3D) - Light Sight  (Iran)

Best Fantasy Award - More Than Words  (United States)

Best Soundtrack Award - Dreams On Sale  (Romania)

Best Student Film Award - The Happiest Hours Of Our Lives  (Germany)

Best Science Fiction Award - A Dream of Paper Flowers (United States)

Best Special Effects Award - Triumph of Time  (Israel)

Best Experimental Award - Journey  (Australia)

Best Movie Concept Award - Dreams On Sale  (Romania)

Best Director Award - Closest to God     (Ukraine)

Best Screenplay Award - The Walker     (Argentina)

Best Photography Award - Prawo Si - The Law of Si  (Poland)

Best Comedy Award - Yuri on the Phone   (Netherlands)

Best Protagonist Award - Carlos Antonio León - Ann  (United States)

Best Dance Performing Arts Award - IRØN MODVM  (Spain)

Best Literary Performance Arts Award - He for She (United Kingdom)

Best History Revisitation Award - The Forgotten Kingdom ? Chronicle of the North.. (Ghana)

And Honorable Mentions to:

X  (Iran)
The Poet (France)

To all “Best” films of each category will be guaranteed a public screening
programme (based on an official agreement) around Europe and in particular in Italy.

All media content (like posters, interviews, photo, links and more...) will be published on our website.

Each winner will receive an Official Social Machinery Award Certificate. 


Joseph Caristena