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2016-07-11 0 comments Web projects

King and Queen are robbers, addicts and -above all- lovers. Together they form the center of the universe. After a life of failure and loneliness, they are faced with the opportunity of one last, great crime that could buy their way to freedom. Now, they will stop at nothing in their pursuit of wild, violent euphoria; a paradise where they can be away from the world, alone with each other.  


Alejandro Solórzano Garibaldi  

Born in San Diego, CA in 1992. Independent filmmaker and writer; graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana in 2016 with a Communications degree. Published his first poetry book, Histeria, in 2013 and his second, Control, in 2015. Since 2011, Alejandro has directed, shot and edited short films, commercials, vlogs, and several music videos for various acts. His most recent release is a music video for the single "Run", from electronic music artist Grenda featuring Mint Field.