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2016-08-08 0 comments Web projects


26 August
"Semi Finalist Screening" in Altomonte (CS) - Calabria - South Italy.

16 September
"Finalist Nomination" in Cosenza - South Italy.

All filmmakers must send subtitles of movies in srt format.

This is an official request of English subtitle in srt format.

Reason why we are asking subtitles in srt format is to have accessible content for all worldwide marketplaces and to generate added value on films based on language accessibility. Our team will then convert the subtitles in the requested language with our automatic tools and software everytime needed.

Just in case you did not yet send the high resolution copy of your video.

We need a higher resolution of your film for public screening.

You can send it by using the following file transfer service:

If you do not feel confortable with "MyAirBridge", you can use another file transfer service.


Link of the Semi Finalist:

>>> Semi Finalist Film List

>>> Download Excel File


>>> Link of the Finalist Films




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