Final Review

Final Review

Final Review


    So what is this ? Is this some kind of Nirvana ?

    Can I put a request for reincarnation ?

    This is your life performance review.

    We find that a lot of people still need some form of closure.

    Especially when one's death comes unexpected.

    So I'm just gonna sit here while
    the three of you review my life.

    This is the actual review.

    And it all has been meticulously scored.

    Using a scoring system that's actually quite
    stunning in its accuracy.

    Scored ?

    How you did ?

    How you handled it ?


    And how...  It's forty three percent.

    The maximum is sixty thousand and thirty seven points available to you.

    You have scored twenty six thousand two hundred and forty seven.

    What ?

    That's forty three percent.

    Forty three percent ?

    Forty three percent is not a bad score.
    It's not particularly a good score.

    But it's not bad.

    It's pretty bad.

    Most people score between forty and sixty.

    That's simple ?

    That's simple.
    So now... ?

    Nothing really.

    This is it.

    Soon the lights will go off and everything will turn dark.

    But you will no longer be around to care.

    Do you think you can live with that ?

    Do you think you can live with that ?

    Do I have a choice ?

    Not really.

    I think I can.
    I think I can live with that.