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Joseph Caristena follows summer workshops at the 'Institute Marshall McLuhan Programme in Culture and Technology – Toronto - Canada.


Attended  literary worldwide workshops organized by the House of Poetry of Baronissi – Salerno  where he met some major international  poets like Jack Hirschman and Sinan Gudzevic,  producing also as a filmmaker video interviews with these authors.


Joseph Caristena signs a contract with the recording company Ave it  (Paolo Curti) - Rovato based in Brescia - Italy . The CD Album called "7 Sins - Readings for the New Millennium" is distributed on major online music portals as ITunes, Nokia Music, Deezer and others. Joseph Caristena wrote the lyrics and performed with his voice (readings)  7 tracks with the music created by the composer Emilio Sorridente .

Production Manager in the Film Commission of the Region Calabria - Italy.


Berlin (Germany) Joseph Caristena becomes a member of the Team Premiere at the Academy of the Arts, Berlin  (Akademie der Künste) for the first screening of Natasa's  Von Kopp film called "Future Works". The poetry rock song called "The EAN Tale" from the album  "7 Sins - Readings for the New Millenium" is a soundtrack of the film "Future Works".

Archaeological Research Programme
Developing an innovative creative strategy to promote archaeology to the mass audience. 
How to promote and present archaeology today to high techno-sensible audiences ?  This is the main concept of the work of Joseph Caristena.

BMTA 2013 Paestum (SA) - Cultural Heritage Broker

The Mediterranean Exchange of Archaeological Heritage is unique international event: dedicated to archaeological heritage and to ArchaeoVirtual, the first international event dedicated to multimedia, interactive and virtual technologies; place for the study and debate on cultural heritage; workshop and marketplace between foreign buyers and cultural and archaeological tourism offer. Joseph Caristena as a cultural heritage broker had a commitment to manage and promote to 25 foreign countries, the Italian archaeological project "Archeo Comuni di Qualità" (ten municipalities with archaeological sites in Calabria - Italy).

Cultural Identity Empowerment
Big 5 meets Joseph Caristena 

Heritage Archaelogical Programme
A mobile art gallery on the road called "The Corinthian Helmets".

It is an art exhibition which reveals the beauty of the most representative icons of the ancient civilization of Magna Graecia. "The inspiration of this art exhibition comes from the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea - says Joseph Caristena - surrounded by coasts connecting lands, peoples and ideas for centuries."

The classic Greek Corinthian style helmet is the single most aesthetically pleasing piece ever created. Beaten and hammered from a single sheet of bronze by master craftsmen, these helmets today are appreciated as one of the most beautiful pieces of Ancient Greece. The Corinthian helmet conveys a sense of hostility toward the enemy dehumanizing the soldier who wears it.


Archaeological interactive art installation in the Greek Roman Theatre V BC of Portigliola at thearchaeological Park of Locri Epizefiri - Reggio Calabria - Italy  during the "Archaeological Festival of Cinema".



Joseph Caristena's art collection called "The Corinthian Helmets - Denda Collection" is included in the archaeological programme of "The Archaeological Institute of America-AIA". The AIA educates people of all ages about the significance of archaeological discovery and advocates the preservation of the world's archaeological heritage.

>>> Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)

Archaeological Prototypes or "Heritage Mirroring Cloning"
Frankfurt - Germany
Cultural Governance Strategies 
Liebieghaus Museum

A real story of heritage mirroring cloning of the Riace Bronzes - "I Bronzi di Riace".

Frankfurt - Germany - Social Impact Lab
Joseph Caristena

Heritage & Culture Mediterranean Project - Human Rights Aid
An experimental theatre production for human rights to help and support the City of Bethlehem (Palestine).
As a Visual Lyrics Composer, Joseph Caristena created the multimedia content of the theatre production show like video, lettering, photo, images and lyrics (Italian and English) theatre production show. 
Joseph Caristena also did a reading performance on stage.
The architecture content has been developed for the official visit in Calabria (Italy) in the City of Catanzaro of the Mayor of Bethlehem (Vera Baboun) and the Department of Public Relations and Media ofthe City of Bethlehem.

Joseph Caristena is working on a new entertainment show called "The Social Machinery".
A psychedelic interactive visionary poetry rock opera coming soon.

"Paris Calling Award" Louvre Museum of Paris. 

The photo collection of Joseph Caristena has been selected by the jury panel of Exposure (a NY Photo Agency) and awarded on July 13th 2015 at the Louvre Museum in Paris. 

Photo Book Collection

"The Still Life Collection" 

   (page 65)

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"The Art Photography Collection"

>>> ISSUU   (page 171)


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>>> Paris - Louvre Museum

Archaeological Prototype 3D Modeling Lab at Kassel-Germany.
The new collection Edition 2016 of the Corinthian Helmets called Denda Collection
will be made with an advanced cement bonded high-tech material, as strong as steel, but with the characteristics of ceramics, cost-effective and ecological. This material is the result of the latest research results and special, new generative and evolutionary algorithms developed by a German Company based in Kassel.

2015 - October
The European Commission
DG (Near) Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations selected Joseph Caristena as expert.

2015 - November
Tirana - Albania
Expert of European Commission
DG NEAR - EU's Neighbourhood and Enlargement Policies
EU Expert Mission at the National Agency for Information Society .

2016 - June

Podgorica - Montenegro

Expert of European Commission
DG NEAR - EU's Neighbourhood and Enlargement Policies

Expert Mission at the Ministry of Innovation & Information Society .

Links of Montenegro: