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2016-07-17 0 comments Web projects

What happens after production ?

Maybe you think distribution, but that is not really true.

The right answer is film matching and film positioning with the target audience.

Audience Development

Knowing how to find your target audience gives your team a strategic and competitive advantage. And before you get into the mechanics and dynamics of growing your audience, you need to take time to find your target audience even before you write your screenplay. If this is a new concept, you’re not alone.  

Most filmmakers fail to consider their target audience. Or worse, many filmmakers will tell you that everyone is their audience. This means men, women, teens, children, puppies, space aliens and all kind of biological entities in the universe could all benefit from your film.

This seems to be a mistake. It’s a left-over concept from the indie era of 1995. Back then, you only had one goal with your movie. Get into the festivals, fill up your screening and hope the some distributor shows up and writes a check.

Many filmmakers still believe this. But these filmmakers are wrong.

Other filmmakers are not your target audience !  

Why should people talk about your film ?

There is a simple secret.

Be the first to talk about your film with a detailed description of the reasons and motivations hiding behind the concept of the movie.

Your audience will start understanding you and will appreciate much better your film.

Joseph Caristena






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