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2018-01-08 0 comments Web projects

Palermo - Sicily is the Italian Capital of Culture for the year 2018.

During the "Road Map Screening Festival"  of the Social Machinery Film Festival - Edition 2018 - a screening will take place also in Palermo .

Palermo, the most famous city in the island of Sicily, has been named Italian Capital of Culture for 2018.
The announcement came last week from Italy’s Ministry of Culture,
after Palermo’s selection of host for Manifesta 12, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art.
Manifesta 12 will open on 16 June 2018 until 4 November 2018.

According to the jury’s citation, "the candidacy is backed by an original project, of high cultural value, great humanitarian scope, strongly and generously aimed at inclusion, permanent training, the creation of capacity and citizenship, without neglecting the valorization of the heritage and contemporary artistic production. The project is supported by the principal local institutional and cultural actors and also envisages infrastructural events able to leave a lasting and positive mark. The elements of governance, public-private synergy and economic context, then, help strengthen its sustainability and credibility".


Why has Palermo been chosen ?

First of all, because of its strategic location and its long history, that have made Palermo one of the capitals of the Mediterranean area for centuries.
And which mean it reflects all the different European and Arab cultures that have met here.

Secondly, following on from St. Petersburg and Zurich, in 2018 Palermo will host “Manifesta12“, one of the world’s main contemporary art festivals.
In the same year it will also be home to the Migrant Literature Festival which was created in 2016.

Other initiatives include promoting the requalification of “La Kalsa”, built by the Arabs and one of its most ancient neighbourhoods and the city’s water front, and the promotion of the Arab-Norma route, which connects Palermo to the historic seaside resort of Cefalù and the hill town of Monreale, recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, among others.


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