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2018-06-10 0 comments Web projects

Promo Code: Social Machinery FF

For the Edition 2018 , our team made a partnership with the "European Film Festivals Days".

By using the promo code: Social Machinery FF
there is a 5% of discount.

FFD – is organizing for the first time in Europe as a unique international European Conference Gala of film festival art directors and enthusiastic creative talented teams. In the exciting Zagreb (Croatia) FFD will bring together the traditions of those film festivals which marked the past half-century with insights from the many film festivals now generating new audiences.  

FFD offers 25% discount on accreditation price to the 2nd and 50% discount to the 3rd registered participant coming from the same organization! You can use this special offer directly by selecting package No. 2 or package No. 3 in our web shop. Don't forget to specify the names of other participants from your organization ! Even more people from your organization want to register for FFD 2018 ? No problem, contact us via our contact form and we will get back right to you !  


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