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2017-08-22 0 comments Web projects

LIVE Webinar Conference

FREE Jitsi Webinars for Filmmakers
All selected and awarded filmmakers of each edition (2016 - 2017) of the Social Machinery Film Festival have a FREE access to our Jitsi webinar conference platform.
Book now and join us !
Here is the link:
Select "FREE Webinars for Filmmakers" and click Choose to book your FREE webinar conference.
Get involved now ! We are growing fast !

Our team decided to use Jitsi.

A completely easy webinar conference platform with no account needed.


No installation. No "Copy and Paste".
Ready in seconds.

100% responsive design.





The Film Review Experience

How the "The Film Review Experience" works ?

What is "Film Review Experience"  ?

It is an online film festival event.

During the festival events or after each screening of the film festival, we put the spotlight on the "social buzz" to discover what really happens inside our audience to meet each other to discuss and to share their ideas, impressions, considerations about the selected and awarded films.  

All members can also share their skilled experience as filmmakers and authors.  

Our team created the "Film Review Experience" to engage all filmmakers, authors, film companies and obviously fans of a worldwide audience.

The Film Review Experience is based on a "LIVE Webinar Conference" platform.

All appointments are scheduled on an online booking platform.

All discussions are based on both selected and awarded films of each edition of the film festival.

A great chance to discuss about the awarded films.



Really simple !  Only 3 easy steps !

1) Go to the web page or install Jitsi on your mobile phone

2) Select a service and schedule a date

    The Film Review Experience - 15 Minutes

    The Film Review Experience - 20 Minute

3) Select a title of an awarded film



1) Go to the web page or install Jitsi on your mobile phone



Here is the web page:



Here is the code:   smff

Here is the code:   smff

Install the app and insert the code to join us .



2) Select a service and schedule a date


Select a service and schedule a date



3) Select a title of an awarded film


You can select the awarded films from the list.

Here is the list (Edition 2016):


The Edition 2017 will be published once completed the final step.