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Press Release - 20 August 2021
Our team spent 3 weeks in Toronto from the 16 of July 2021 to the 7 of August 2021
to understand how to setup again all the screenings and events of the Final Award Event of the Edition 2020 of the Social Machinery Film Festival.
But unfortunately Canada was still only at the beginning of the opening of Covid-19 Emergency, in this time no turist were allowed to enter Canada, but only Canadian citizens.
I was able to travel to Toronto, because I am a Canadian citizen.
It was not possible to organize any kind of public screening in cinemas or theatres, because not allowed by Canadian Government Law.

Also the TIFF building in the Entertainment District was closed in this period.

Then our team came back to Italy in August 2021, to check any possibilities for public screenings in cinema or theaters or other outiside public places, but the situation in Italy was worst and much more less controlled.

For this reason our team had to make the hard decision to switch the Final Award Event of the Edition 2020 into a online event before the end of the year.

Also the new Edition 2022 will be all digital, until the worldwide situation gets better.
We skipped the Edition 2021, because there was no reason to spend time and money.

We are trying our best to get out of this bad stressful situation.

The world changed at once and we still have to realise this;(

Let's cross fingers.
Art Director
Joseph Caristena