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Edition 2017 - Social Innovation  

Film Focus


Films are always a good starting point for discussions.
Most films have some kind of message, so they represent an excellent format to introduce people to a deeper social analysis of our society.

How to become a "Social Change Maker" in the "Age of Interaction" ? (from end user to power user)

Everyone should be involved in this social innovation process, reason why everyone can take part of the discussion.

The "New Millennium" is still using the same social framework of the last one.

New social models are required.


Why to join us ?

    to help you understand more deeply
    to enable you to share ideas and insights with others
    to hear the thoughts and ideas of others
    to challenge and perhaps empower your ideas
    to increase and clarify your knowledge
    to improve your ability to think critically
    to become a social change maker


Free Entrance - Join Us

Date: Friday 6 October

Starting Hour:   from 3:00 PM  to 6:00 PM



Toronto Public Library - Lillian H. Smith

Room A

239 College St

Toronto, ON M5T 1R5,











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Useful Links:




EU Social Affairs


European Commission


European Capital of Culture



Useful Files





Download this file and take a look at page 92.











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