Social Machinery Film Festival
Edition 2018
Finalist Films
Date:   5  December 2018
Film Code Title Country Director/Team
FH2018_001 The Beauty, Wowen of Mysteries Iran Emir Valinezhad
SMFF2229 A Tale of War (20) Iraq Hossein Jehani
SMFF2231 Alps in 4 Seasons Germany Bashir Abu Shakra
SMFF2233 77% Spain Guido Manuilo
SMFF2235 Friend in the Machine United Kingdom Colin Ramsay, James Uren
SMFF2236 The Alien Trail Cyprus Nicolas Iordanou, Sylvia Nicolaides
SMFF2237 Advent - Anxiety at Christmas United Kingdom Dan Douglas
SMFF2238 How We Roll: The Last Milers  USA Maryanne Galvin
SMFF2241 Accents Speak Louder than Words United Kingdom Catherine Harte
SMFF2242 Grassroots Australia Frank Oly
SMFF2244 Balance Iran Barzan Rostami
SMFF2249 Semechki United Kingdom Eta Dahlia
SMFF2252 Aldabra: Once Upon an Island Czech Republic Steve Lichtag
SMFF2258 Timbo United Kingdom Peiman Zekavat
SMFF2260 New City Map Italy Giorgia Dal Bianco
SMFF2261 The Sorrow of our House Russian Federation Kirsten Gainet
SMFF2264 Black River Argentina Luciano Nacci y Franco Tarantino
SMFF2267 Bristol Set in Print United Kingdom Charlotte Biszewski, Joe Aldous
SMFF2271 Aral United Kingdom Eta Dahlia
SMFF2274 E sì tu Italy Marco Latour
SMFF2275 The American Wake USA Kevin Quinn
SMFF2276 Reflector of Living Will Finland Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen
SMFF2282 The Party Is Not Done Talking ! Korea, Republic of CAG
SMFF2284 The One Who Holds Sovereignty... Korea, Republic of CAG
SMFF2294 Up in the Sky Spain Sami NatSheh, Arly Jones
SMFF2296 Well Turkey Veysi Altay
SMFF2311 Everything's Coming Together ... Austria Oliver Ressler
SMFF2312 Exit Israel Katharina Woll
SMFF2314 Globalizing Beauty Germany Sonja Keßler
SMFF2318 Memoire of an Invisible Man Germany Tami Liberman
SMFF2320 Russion Salad Switzerland Eileen Hofer
SMFF2327 Aamir United Kingdom Vika Evdokimenko 
SMFF2328 Adnan's Father Denmark Sylvia Le Fanu
SMFF2329 After The Future Germany Shai Tubali
SMFF2333 Backyard-Love Germany Peter Bösenberg
SMFF2344 The Peculiar Abilities of Mr Mahler Germany Paul Philipp
SMFF2355 Final Review Netherlands Jonathan Herzberg
SMFF2366 Someone Germany Marco Gadge
SMFF2369 Jululu Italy Michele Cinque
SMFF2380 New Feelings Russian Federation Anastasia Nechaeva
SMFF2393 Someone Good Will Find You United States Leelila Strogov
SMFF2416 It Happened And Took Place Right Here Germany Siegfried Ressel 
SMFF2419 Film About a Life Germany Hannes Farlock
SMFF2420 Just a Number Norway Katarina Gellin
SMFF2421 Les Dragons - The Dragons Belgium Paul Méranger
SMFF2422 Myanmarket Eva Knopf
SMFF2426 The Happiest Man Germany Jasmin Lord Gassmann 
SMFF2433 Getting Ready For Being Late Turkey Aram Dildar
SMFF2434 Sholler's Archive Azerbaijan Jalaladdin Gasimov
SMFF2437 The Pen & the Sword USA Chris Gallego Wong
SMFF2446 Welcome to the New World Germany Anni Sultany, Jerry Suen
SMFF2447 Beyond Galilee USA T. D. Antoine
SMFF2448 Human Energy United Kingdom Adam Dzienis
Date:   5  December 2018