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2017-07-22 0 comments Web projects

Host a Screening Event




Launch a Screening Event

Launching a "Screening Event" in your city is a big step, because you can combine this opportunity to enhance your event management professional skills.

The purpose is to encourage the movement of independent visual creative works and to promote public events with the presence of the author. 


Our team designed many formulas and packages to be launched.

The art director Joseph Caristena is also available to address groups and for public and private speaking engagement on a variety of subjects, workshops, campus visits, and educational presentations and other.

For a list of topics or to discuss details, please contact Joseph Caristena at the following email:



Select the event formula package and films available:



Official languages of the event are English and Italian, other languages on request.


Call now on Skype !

Skype account of the Art Director:




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