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2016-07-08 0 comments Web projects


We can give you advice about travel accomodation like:

First Train Company:

to: Verona P. Nuova

Second Train Company:

to: Verona P. Nuova

Regional Train
from Verona P. Nuova
to Ostiglia (Province of Mantova) (20 Minutes)

Festival Partner Hotel:

Hostiliae Plaza Hotel


Promo Code:    Social2016
10% OFF for the Film Festival.

After booking, please send an email to the hotel with
your personal data and with the promo code.

Email of hotel:

To find this hotel you can use:  


Piazzale Mondadori n. 8 46035
Ostiglia - Mantova


Partner Restaurant:
15 Euro for the Film Festival

All screenings are FREE.
You do NOT pay any fee for attending the screenings.


Drink Card:

If you want to give a small support to the organization of volunteers you should just buy a "Drink Card".


FREE Transfer (two way) for

Mantova - 2016 Italian Capital of Culture.
Mantova was inscribed by UNESCO into its World Heritage List in 2008 because of the extraordinary architectural and artistic heritage left by the Gonzaga dynasty, the rulers of Mantova for four centuries.  

Hope the above information helps.

Joseph Caristena
Art Director Film Festival
Social Machinery Film Festival
Ostiglia (Mantova) ITALY