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2016-07-08 0 comments Web projects

We have a packed schedule for the "Social Machinery Film Festival - 2016".

All social events are free to attend, but we simply ask you to support the team and to become a member of the film festival programme with the purchase of a "Drink Card".

Feel free to come and go between Screenings, Talks, Film Poster Art Gallery, Web TV Media Corner, Media Press Desk, Q&A’s & Networking Events for the duration of the Film Festival.

We have set aside dedicated time to speak with our media industry professionals, who will be conducting a Q&A Panel Survey during the festival. They will also be in attendance for the whole weekend and will be able to speak with you as often as time allows.

It is important to know that the "Winner Award Celebration Party" will take place at the final event of the film festival, at the venue and location of the International edition in Montenegro.