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2016-07-13 0 comments Web projects

Is there any difference between street and stage ?
The only difference is that actors on stage are conscious that they are using the language of theatre, 
and are thus better able to turn it into a competitive advantage, whereas common people in the street 
do not know that they are actors whose behaviours, talking and acting will lead to the worst or best decisions of their lives with all the following circumstances and events.

New theatre practices are needed to reawaken a sense of social responsibility.

A selection of the doc-fictions will be screened during the theatre production called "Social Machinery". 
The acclaimed theatre production based on a poetry rock opera written, produced and directed by Joseph Caristena.

Only segments of few seconds of the selected doc-fictions will be screened on the background during the theatre production performance. 
Some screenings will be also done before, during the interval of the first and second act, and after the theatre production performance.

For the theatre channel distribution a written permission is required from the author or filmmaker.


Joseph Caristena


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